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Military Logistics Market Size, Segmentation, Share, Forecast, Analysis, Industry - 2025


Market Forecast 

Military Logistics Market isprojected to be valued at USD 475.74 Billion by 2025,expanding at a CAGR approximately over 5% between 2019and 2025.  

The market witnessed significant traction in recent years owingto the growing terrorist attacks, territorial conflicts, and cross bordercrimes that have necessitated the construction and maintenance of military bases and border infrastructure, which is estimated to boost spending on military logistics and infrastructure. Furthermore, investments towards modernizing existing logistics channels is also expected to positively impact the market growth. 

Market USP 

Technologicaladvancements such as real-time tracking for increased visibility of logisticsis opening up new opportunities for key players operating in the MilitaryLogistics Market 

Growth Opportunities in the Market  

Dominance of     logistics & distribution in the market

  • : The logistics     & distribution segment dominated the global military logistics market     in 2018 and this trend is expected to continue during the forecast period.     The segment accounted for over 35% of the     global market. Infrastructure up-gradation undertaken by militaries in     countries including the US, China, and Germany among others is expected to     drive segmental growth during the forecast period. Moreover, the     implementation of technologies such as the Internet is Things (IoT) in     logistics for real-time tracking is expected to further encourage the segment     growth.  
  • Roadways expected     to lead the mode of transportation segment
  • : The roadways     segment was the largest segment in 2018 and was valued at approximately USD     133.20 billion. The higher reliability offered by     road logistics mainly during transportation of military-grade or sensitive     cargo, is expected to positively influence the segmental growth. Moreover,     higher connectivity through roadways is further expected to drive the     market growth during the forecast period.   

Key Players  


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